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frequently asked questions

  • Legacy Sports and our COVID Strategy
    The safety of kids is our top priority! We will have parameters put in place to help mitigate the current situation while we move into the different phases. We will follow the mandates issued by the Governor, as well as use the City of Virginia Beach and Virginia Beach Sportsplex guidelines to allow for safe but fun play! You can be confident that we will make sure your child is able to learn and enjoy themself in a healthy environment. As we get closer to the start of the camp, we will update you with any changes to this policy so you will always know what we are doing. ​ -Coaches will conduct temperature screening of each player for COVID-19 at the start of each camp day. -All camp participants will wash their hands in the beginning of camp, during all breaks, and at the end of the camp. -All equipment will be sanitized before the start of the camp day, during our longer snack break, and each night before the next day. -The camp is set up and will function in small groups for purposes of the training curriculum, but this will also allow for the management of persons in a group. -Masks are not required because camp participants will fall under the rule of "exercise". Coaches will wear masks when possible. -Virginia Beach Sportsplex will adhere to their policy that you can find here. ​ If you would like further information, please reach out to us at
  • What Sports do you offer at the camps?
    We offer up to 10 sports. Please visit our Camps page for details on which camp offers what sport.
  • Do I need to have insurance?
    We require all camp attendees to sign our waiver stating that your personal insurance will cover any accident or injury. Please read our waiver policy.
  • What does the registration include?
    Each camp is specific to what they will offer regarding cirriculum. Your child will also receive a Legacy Sports pinnie. You will also receive our Resource List of local sport specific businesses so that you know what the next step for your child is once they leave Camp Legacy.
  • What does my child need to wear/bring to the camp(s)?
    All camp attendees should wear/bring the following items to our camps: 1. Comfortable running shoes and socks 2. Comfortbale clothes they can be active and get sweaty in. 3. Sunscreen- Make sure that you apply this before dropping your child off. We can not administer applications of sunscreen (even on cloudy days). 4. WATER! Your child can never have enough water. We suggest bring 2x what you think they will need. They can take home what they do not drink. 5. One snack. We will be taking multiple breaks throughout the days but we will have one longer break during the camp where the kids can take a moment to replenish with food and water. Optional Items: 1. Hat 2. Cleats- Some prefer cleats so we welcome them. Some areas do not allow cleats so we always suggest the child bring both running shoes and cleats if they have them. 3. Extra pair of clothes for emergencies
  • How long are the camps?
    Each camp runs one week long. Please visit our Camps page for dates and times for each camp.
  • How old does my child have to be to attend the camp(s)?
    Our camps are for grades Kindergarden to 5th grade.
  • How do I receive the Code for the Resources
    Once your child is registered for one of our camps, we will email you your Code for all the resources.
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